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Sand Dollar Inc.

A requesting community

A requesting community
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About Sanddollar Inc...
Welcome to sanddollar_inc. This is a place where you can bring your pixels to request blinkies, siggy tags, icons, glitter text and banners. We allow pixel-to-blinks, background to icon, image to icon and other custom requests. This is a very flexible and relaxed atmosphere graphics community with a very talented creative staff. You will find that once you have posted a request, a Sanddollar maker will volunteer to work with you 1-1 and complete your graphic as quickly as possible. Our makers may do occasional freebie offers but this is predominantly a requesting community with images supplied by the membership.

Sanddollar Makers

Sanddollar Makers

Maker's Application





Rules of the Community...
1. Credit is a MUST. Any graphic made here must be properly credited to both the maker and this community, sanddollar_inc. If you do not know how, just ask. We don't bite and are happy to show you.
2. Please use manners at all times. We don't need butt kissing, but a please and thank you are lovely.
3. You may request 2 items at a time. Once that is filled, you have picked up your graphics and commented to the maker, you may request again.
4. Please do not request a specific maker for your graphic. All Sanddollar Makers have the talent and commitment to fulfill your request.
6. Make sure that your request is unique to sanddollar and that you have not asked for the same image to be made in another community. This will avoid duplicate work by our makers and less frustration all around.
7. No Hotlinking. Ever.

darklingfae ~ Requests and Freebies
minutes_of_me ~ Requests and Freebies
nienna_weeper ~ Requests Only
phyncke ~ Requests and Freebies

Forms for Member Requests

Blinkie Request Form

Signature Tag Request Form

Icon Request Form

Banner Request Form

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